Community Guidelines

Welcome to our community! Here we are connecting at the intersection of sexual and gender diversity, social economy and ecology (and wider sustainability). We envision a world, were these values combine to transform the lives of many through building community, encouraging learning and connecting with the environment.
We are an inclusive, safe and welcoming community where we talk about any topic related to our three key elements: sexual- and gender diversity, social economy and ecology (and wider sustainability). To enable a supportive and positive exchange, please stick to the community guidelines:

  1. We are an INCLUSIVE and affirming community. Although our primary audience is LGBTQ+ folk, we welcome people all sexual orientations, gender identities, relationship styles and lifestyles. We explicitly welcome people of all races and ethnicities, body shapes and abilities.

  2. You are invited to post anything relevant to our three core themes, sexual and gender diversity, social economy and ecology (and wider sustainability). And you are especially invited to share anything that is at located the intersection of these themes.

Please always post a comment about what you post, and where possible include a question. Try to start a conversation!

  1. We are trying to involve as many people as possible in the discussion. Therefore, we ask you to post, where possible, in English. However, we very much would love to create forums in other languages. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us!

  2. This part is under review. Do not post any commercial posts in the forum or on the social media channels, please. If in doubt, contact us.
    You are welcome to promote your own business or commercial project in the community forum at, please use the appropriate category/topic for your post (“Community Enterprises”). *

*On social media channels (Facebook/Planet Romeo etc) please only promote your business or commercial project on Mondays, using both #BusinessMonday #promotion to identify your post.

You are, of course, more than welcome to post non-promotional items and questions related to your business or commercial project (as well as social or charitable projects) at any time.

We will, from time to time, use our community forums and pages to endorse events and training from the Quinta or run as part of the Quinta Project.

We do not endorse any product, business or event unless explicitly stated.

  1. Always keep comments polite and respectful. We have absolutely ZERO tolerance for flaming, shaming or bullying. We do not tolerate business promotion outside of the #BusinessMonday thread/specific forum for this, and posts or comments that are abusive, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or racist.

If you post anything that is outside of our guidelines, we have a “two strikes policy and you’re out” policy. In the first instance, we will remind you of our group guidelines. After a second post deemed inappropriate to us, you will be removed.

  1. Please keep politics and charged political debate out of this group. We are an inclusive group and value our diversity, thus do not engage in a charged political debate.

  2. Always remember: We are all real human beings behind the computer/phone screen who can get hurt. Therefore consider this before posting and DO NOT post anything that is not supportive or helpful. If it has the potential to hurt someone DO NOT POST IT HERE!

If you disagree with someone, try to understand and share their feelings first, before posting a reply. Think about how it will be received by the other person.

  1. If you see anything that you feel contravenes these guidelines, please contact a moderator or the admin.

If you are unsure about a post, or a reply to the post, please contact a moderator or admin.
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