29 March 2021 - Book Club Meeting

To RSVP and get the registration link, please go to:

If you have any book suggestions for the inaugural meeting, please post them in the suggestion topic - so we have also a list for future books to read!

Let’s vote for the book of the month!

This poll will close on the 1 March 7pm Lisbon time. That way we all have enough time to read it before the first book club meeting on the 29th.

  • Modern Nature by Derek Jarman
  • Conundrum by Jan Morris
  • Youth to Power by Jamie Margolin

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I didn’t include an Edward Carpenter book purely because I couldn’t find one that was in print and not totally expensive. Maybe we can find one for next time!


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An interesting book, but I fear I won’t get a copy in time :frowning:
If I order today from Amazon in Spain suggest delivery to Lisbon “- get it Tuesday, Mar 23 - Tuesday, Apr 6”.
But I know a little about Jarman and I’ve been to visit his garden at Dungeness, so perhaps I cn join in anyway.

Of course! It’s great to have you join :slight_smile: And maybe the book becomes even more exciting to read after the book club!

I will be asleep when you have the meeting, but yay for choosing that book! Derek is a hero!

Time for some bedtime reading after the book arrived today!

Hey guys,

Good to meet a few of you last night for Book club. - This afternoon the book arrived with me!

Fingers crossed I’ll get a Jan Morris book in time for next month.
See you then.

Cheers for now,


Now you already know all the bits to look forward to! Looking forward to seeing you on the 26!