Body experiences and mindful sexuality

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for you replies, ideas and messanges this week. I am so thankful for every contribution to this week`s topics. And I hope you enjoy it too.

Yesterday I was asking about bodypostive campaigning - today I ask you to focus on mindful sexuality and body experiences The two most common forms of self monitoring during sexual encounters are evaluating and worrying about: 1) the way one’s body looks; and 2) one’s sexual “performance” (e.g., worries about “doing it right,” being a good lover, taking too long to orgasm, whatever).

  • What does „mindful sexuality“ mean to you?
  • What does practice „mindful“ sex mean to you?
  • What kind of body experiences are helpful to discover the hidden treasures of mindful sexuality?

If you want to read more about mindful sex I highly recommend this article:

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Hi @Jordi

Thanks for another really interesting question. This is a very interesting question - as really I’m a bit split on this. Basically, I would say to me, mindful sex is sex that happens when you are “present in the moment”. So, mindful of what is going on around you.

Somehow I equate that really strongly with tantric practices. In that combination, I think it is the enabler of what happens during tantric sex - maybe even the precursor of tantric sex. I.e. I know from myself, that if the mind wanders during tantra(-like practices), basically the magic disappears for me.

This, on the other hand, feels a bit limiting to me. In a sense, this feels like mindful sex should be confined to tender, (or at least very) slow sex, e.g. tantric practices. Although, while writing this down, I also think that, maybe, it could have a place in rougher sex? This is actually an interesting thought!


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I actually associate mindful sex also with tantra. Interesting though @Stephan ! Can mindful sex be kinky?

Some more food for thinking:

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Hello! I’m new so I hope this is good. I try to practice mindful sex with my partner, which we do very conciously. It’s different to the usual sex and I like those sessions we have. But they require some time also to get used to them.

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Hm, can mindful sex be kinky? :thinking:
First it leads to tantric-practices when I think of mindful sex. But it depends and very mindfuls (in the sense of consious) thing can happen, if I leave my personal comfort zone to explore treasures of kinky sexuality. Maybe I get into contact with my boundaries, maybe I have to discuss more explicit consent…but eventually it can be a very mindful experience…


Yes @Jordi, I have been thinking about it in the past few days, and I think that is really something I haven’t as yet, but would like to explore more.

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I think this is a very interesting topic. Sorry I’m late to the party, but I think it is really interesting. I never really imagined how mindfulness can be integrated with sex(ulatity). But it is an intriguing combination to me.
I wonder, is there more reading material available?

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Hi @Georg George,
this party is going on…so you are not to late :wink:

I think there there are different accesses to mindful sexuality. My personal way is going hand in hand with my yoga experiences but does not end there. For me it is linked to breathwork, pelvic floor exercises, mindful bodyexperiences and change of attitudes towards sexuality. And then it goes further when it comes to sexual encounters.

Reading material…hmmm…I think it exists but it defenitly deserves more research. I know a few books I recommend every now and then, some blogs, some insta accounts maybe…

But I am open to every recomendation as well…

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