Body experiences and mindful sexuality

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for you replies, ideas and messanges this week. I am so thankful for every contribution to this week`s topics. And I hope you enjoy it too.

Yesterday I was asking about bodypostive campaigning - today I ask you to focus on mindful sexuality and body experiences The two most common forms of self monitoring during sexual encounters are evaluating and worrying about: 1) the way one’s body looks; and 2) one’s sexual “performance” (e.g., worries about “doing it right,” being a good lover, taking too long to orgasm, whatever).

  • What does „mindful sexuality“ mean to you?
  • What does practice „mindful“ sex mean to you?
  • What kind of body experiences are helpful to discover the hidden treasures of mindful sexuality?

If you want to read more about mindful sex I highly recommend this article:

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Hi @Jordi

Thanks for another really interesting question. This is a very interesting question - as really I’m a bit split on this. Basically, I would say to me, mindful sex is sex that happens when you are “present in the moment”. So, mindful of what is going on around you.

Somehow I equate that really strongly with tantric practices. In that combination, I think it is the enabler of what happens during tantric sex - maybe even the precursor of tantric sex. I.e. I know from myself, that if the mind wanders during tantra(-like practices), basically the magic disappears for me.

This, on the other hand, feels a bit limiting to me. In a sense, this feels like mindful sex should be confined to tender, (or at least very) slow sex, e.g. tantric practices. Although, while writing this down, I also think that, maybe, it could have a place in rougher sex? This is actually an interesting thought!


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I actually associate mindful sex also with tantra. Interesting though @Stephan ! Can mindful sex be kinky?

Some more food for thinking:

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Hello! I’m new so I hope this is good. I try to practice mindful sex with my partner, which we do very conciously. It’s different to the usual sex and I like those sessions we have. But they require some time also to get used to them.

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Hm, can mindful sex be kinky? :thinking:
First it leads to tantric-practices when I think of mindful sex. But it depends and very mindfuls (in the sense of consious) thing can happen, if I leave my personal comfort zone to explore treasures of kinky sexuality. Maybe I get into contact with my boundaries, maybe I have to discuss more explicit consent…but eventually it can be a very mindful experience…

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Yes @Jordi, I have been thinking about it in the past few days, and I think that is really something I haven’t as yet, but would like to explore more.

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