Book Suggestions for future meetings

Please post your suggestions for books to read into this topic, so we can vote on them for future events of the green, queer and fun TQP Book Club!

… and starting immediately for the first book club on the 29 March:

Youth to Power by Jamie Margolin
A toolbox for young (and young at heart) environmental activists written/collected by a queer Latinx activist.


Conundrum by Jan Morris
A journey by British travel writer Jan Morris through transitioning from male to female in the Welsh countryside.

The other book I was looking for was a biography of Edward Carpenter… but I only found a quite expensive one. If anyone has any ideas, please share!

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I have access to this one: , which really isn’t very cheap. But I don’t think there are many Edward Carpenter books?

When I worked at Gay Men’s Press book publishers many years ago, we published this (below), but I think its out of print and probably only available second hand:
‘Selected Writings, Vol. 1: Sex’ by Edward Carpenter (

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I think taking an actual Edward Carpenter work is a great idea @Alexp! Thank you for the suggestion!

I have read Edward Carpenter and last summer visited his house near Sheffield, he is a truly inspiring queer ecologist founding father, allegedly the first sandal-wearer in Britain.

Condundrum is also a moving book

But I would suggest Derek Jarman’s Modern Nature, recently reissued.
There is a beautiful conversation about the book available as podcast here

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I have just seen, 10 of Edward Carpenter’s books are available in the Gutenberg project here

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OMG! That’s absolutely amazing!! Thank you for uncovering this, @Peter

Hey there -

I found the Janette Winterson book that includes the section on Easter Island: ‘The Stone Gods’
Years since I read it, but I seem to remember a strong theme around environmental destruction (and love conquering all):

See you soon,


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Do we have a revised date for the next book group?

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Hey Alex! Thanks for asking!

I’m just creating the new events today - and the date is the last Monday of August (30th). At 19:30 Lisbon time.

Looking forward to seeing you then!!

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A new suggestion

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