Campaigning for bodypositivity - conditions for success?

On the www the hashtag #bodypositivity and #allbodiesarebeautiful are very viral at the moment. And I suppose the hashtags are put with quite good intentions. But eventually they can put a lot pressure to for e.g trans* people, because it sounds as if it was compulsory to accept your body as it is. If this happens to people suffering e.g. gender dysphoria it might be a destructive impact of body positivity campaigning.

• What do you think: Do you feel empowered by body positive campaigning?
• Do you know any convincing examples of campaigning that also includes aspects of healthy lifestyle without being body shaming (and includes aspects of queerness)?

And last but not least I am curious:

• Can you give a quick answer what`s your most beautiful body part? :slight_smile:

A campaign I refer to very much is this one


This topic and the body positive campaigning brings me to think about my own body culture…How I show me and how I see myself.

And about your last question…I like my legs :slight_smile:


I think it’s a bit nasty, but in sometimes the body positive campaigns have very extreme bodies. Not sure if it really makes me feel well, but I sometimes think if they are enjoying their bodies (and often their sex), my imperfections are small by comparison.

And the favourite body part: eyes!!!

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I’m really pondering on this question, not so much about the campaigns, but rather the surroundings that enable people to be positive of their bodies.

To me, that brings to mind two spaces in London where it was totally ok to be wotever and to be totally proud of the body that you have. The thing was, those spaces were not exclusionary. In a sense like some places which celebrate bodies that are not like the social “ideal”, can feel very exclusionary for people who are more like the social ideal. I have absolutely no idea how these places maintained their positive vibe and welcoming attitude, but I always remember the deep personal feeling of inclusion when I was there (I’m not sure that makes sense, but basically I’m saying a sort of “welcome and enjoy yourself. We love you and we will celebrate everything about you”-kinda feeling.)

Oh,… and body part: well, legs (as a runner ;-)!)

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Hi @Ariel,
thanky for your reply.
Own body culture …that sounds interesting. What do you refer to? Do you have etsablished an own body culture or do you refer to a certanin cultural background…?

Ah: And I also like my legs very much and my ears :wink: