Clubhouse yay or nay?

Hello everyone
I‘be been asked if there is (or rather will be) a Quinta Project clubhouse club. Apart from the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to create such a club, I wanted to see what the feeling in the community here is about having such a club?

Tricksy… I don’t have an iPhone. But might open up someday/to more people? And maybe interesting to gain some more people?

I don‘t like the idea of us using a closed and marketing itself as exclusive platform.

Just thinking of alternatives: Twitter has Spaces which is similar in terms of features as Clubhouse. Maybe that is a more accessible alternative?
I personally would like more activity on zoom or other video platforms. I think it’s nice to connect that way with people I can’t meet in person but love to connect with (like most of you!)

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Following this, I played around a bit Clubhouse. I’m not hooked, but it seems quite a fun thing - and it has a few queer and sustainable clubs. Maybe if we could somehow link it up with a different platform it could work? I just have no idea how to do this!