Creating an Online Community - with real world impact!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for joining this week’s topic of the week! This week the focus is on how we can create an online community - and create a real impact at the same time.

To start this off, I’m asking you to think of how an ideal community that achieves that would need to be. If we achieve this with the Quinta Project (or any other community that you are part of):

  • What role would this community play in your life?
  • What would you be doing in this community?
  • Which ideas would be important for you?

I’ll respond to these questions tomorrow morning… but before I do, I hope to see some ideas from you!

Have a great start of the week!


Cool that we are talking about this here!

For me, an online community needs to be place where I can connect to people. And also find new ideas and inspiration.
I find often in normal life, I’m not really understood or feel a bit like there are not that many people around me who are queer and into sustainability. So a community of people who are is something I strive for.
An added bonus would be to have some events, like online events or even real events. Now that would be amazing!

One thing I really like apart from what Borgen wrote, is to have a platform with a forum (like this one). I find it much better than Facebook Groups where the community creates knowledge and context.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the topic… and n.b. the topic remains open!

I promised a response on how I see it, so there we go:

I think in an ideal world, the community can connect you to other people from around the world who have the same interest. At the same time, the community is open - and you feel welcome and accepted. Coming to the community recharges your energy.

I totally agree with @Borgen about what they are saying about events. I believe, like @Chris that the forum format is good for communities who create more context and knowledge. And I think Borgen makes an important point when they talk about creating events and being part of it. Forums are great but have limits. And personal interaction is so important - even in (or maybe especially in?) an online community!

Thanks everyone for their contributions!

In the first moment I was a bit frightened to contribute to this week`s topic, because it seems so big…impact to the world…wow…and at the same time it is a very important topic…and I want to contribute my thoughts to aspects of a working community. For me it would be very important that there is somehow a bridge to other ways of getting into contact or in touch. I think that keeps me ongoing…like @Stephan said…personal interaction is so important.Or like @Borgen suggested: online or real events, direct meeting…And in fact I am curious to get to know you all…
But there are other aspects which are important for me like “how are we working together?”
For me it is also very important in a community to appreciate all the different contributions and at the same time to work together with an attitude, which is discribed like “failing is part of the process” or " mistakes from individuals and in the community are welocme" because they help us to enhance…

Hugs, Jordi

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