Eça de Queiroz (December Book Club)

Eça de Queiroz is our author for December. A Cidade e as Serras (“The City and the Mountains”) is the book that most closely links to our theme, though Eça definitely deserves a broader look at their works.
Coincidentally, when you are practising Portuguese, some works are available in “two langue” editions, some as “easy readers”… and generally the Portuguese of Eça is quite accessible.

I’m also wondering if this date coincides with half of the Land Project folk gathering at @JohnO 's place :thinking:

Hi @Stephan ! when is the next book club happening? when is the selected book announced?

Hi @Jvinagre
The book club(s) are on the last Monday of the month. And we announce the books (or writers) two months in advance.You can find all the events on the events page: Upcoming Events – Quinta Project – the queer "hybrid" ecovillage . For all the upcoming book club meetings, see here: All events for Queer Book Club – Quinta Project – the queer "hybrid" ecovillage

The books for January are:
Monica Ali: Alentejo Blue and Alfonso Cruz: Jesus Cristo Bebia Cerveja

And February: Al Berto