Ecogay Project

Folks! Greetings from Bolivia :wink:
I think that we surely need more queer environmental activism. On the one hand it just makes sense to me to shift away from what is bringing more destruction and pain that happiness and that is a system based on competition and consumption. In our project, we believe that achieving harmony with oneself, with others and with nature is not only crucial but also feasible.
I do have to admit though that it is very difficult to bring in my queer folks into environmental issues. There are some deep structural and complex issues including the fact that we are still struggling to libe freely our most basic rights, but also I am afraid to say that many of my queer folks tend to be very superficial and care only how they look. I am glad to have a forum where to share and hopefully find more groups that feel the same vibe. Actually, with some groups, we are trying to build an international community of solidarity among queer groups and individuals around the world who care and work around environment. Is anyone interested in joining?



This sounds amazing @Gadir !! Please share more about it!

Wel…I gathered a group of gay folks interested in environment and the idea was to collect the ideas and proposal from the queer community in Bolivia and bring it to the UNFCCC COP 15 in Chile. This international meeting was moved to Spain making it impossible for us to attend, then came the pandemic so we got a little stuck there. However, we opened a facebook page to create awareness. It is in Spanish but you can check it out here:
I have also made some connections with groups in Europe and the US and Latin America…I was hoping to create a solidarity group among those queer groups working on environmental related issues…would anyone in this forum be interested?

I forgot to include the link to one of our facebook pages:

Hey! Just wanted to add how much I love scrolling through your posts @Gadir


Thank you so much for those kind words Chris! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very nice project!

Thank you Woodsy! I hope I can share more and learn more from all in today’s call :wink: