Ecovillage binge watching

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I wanted to share a YouTube series about building Lammas Ecovillage in Wales. I discovered the show by chance on Friday and spent much of Saturday binging on the series (so you have been warned!).

The series follows the foundation, planning and setting up the ecovillage Lammas. I really liked that each episode features another topic from the foundation process right through to the construction (that’s as far as I have watched now). The episodes are not just a “success story”, rather they are very reflective and cover many different angles, including episodes that are focusing on the challenges the founders faced. For instance, episodes cover local residents resistance to the village, issues with the planning process, appealing planning decisions etc… so all in all a really fascinating look behind the scenes and you can actually see the enormous work that goes into creating something like that.

I found watching it so inspiring, especially as the series didn’t shy away from showing the hard work and challenges while showing how those can be overcome. Each episode is about 5-10 minutes, so it’s actually easy to watch one or two (in case you don’t want to binge).

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Here is some more about one of the buildings there :slight_smile: a bit dated as an article. But lovely as a building!


Thank you. That’s a great suggestion.

I watched what I think is a different documentary about Lammas made by or presented by the Intentional Communities Foundation. I remember it was very impressive. I think it was this:

Finally watched the first (I think) episode on YouTube just now. Thank you for the suggestion - VERY interesting indeed!