Hello and Welcome!

I know we haven’t used this forum as yet … but woohooo! We have been getting quite a few new members in the last few weeks! So here is a big welcome to

@Romi and

I’m super excited you have found us! It would be great if you could briefly introduce yourself to everyone … and that also goes for those who have joined before, and haven’t yet introduced themselves!

Great that you are here, and welcome to your home queer* changemakers!

Welcome to the new members! Great you can join us!

I’m not sure I ever really introduced myself. So here we go: I’m Borgen, born in Denmark, living in Spain now. I’ve visited the original Quinta for a few days, and love the project, and even more the idea to combine it with the online project and land project.

I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone, and to reading more about you!

Lately I have been more observant but nevertheless very interested in the Quinta project and the other dimensions that have emerged from it.

I have been living in Portugal myself for 2 years with the aim of achieving the highest possible level of self-sufficiency based on organic farming methods. There is still a long way to go.

The development in Portugal on the topic of sustainability is still eligible for funding. It was only here that I realized how far we are in Switzerland (and in other countries), and yet still far from an optimal position. The networking among each other brings important progress. The focus is on the practical implementation, be it political or personal. That’s why I’m looking forward to further developments in the Quinta project. Here we go…


Thank you so much Paul for sharing and letting us have a glimpse into your life! It’s great to have you onboard, and I’m so impressed that you are already on the way to self-sufficiency! There must a million interesting details, wisdom and stories to share. It would be awesome to hear more about your journey!
And first: A big welcome to the community!

Welcome @Paul! Where in Portugal are you based?

We are living in the Silver Coast region (Região do Oeste), 45’ north of Lisbon, so to speak in a moderate climate zone.

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Very nice zone!

Hi everyone,
as a new member I would like to introduce myself in a few sentences. My name is Jan, born in Germany, living in Cologne. I was following the Quinta -project via social media for a few month when I suddenly found the opportunity to visit the original Quinta for a few days.
I am very interested in networking, community building and relate the topics community- queerness- sexuality - health - nutrition - bodypositivity - sustainability.


Hello @Jordi !!! Lovely to see you again - and also here!!

Hello. I’m Afonso from Amarante, Portugal., I found the project on a social network at the beginning and got interested in the ideas of a Queer Farm, The environmentalist side is a plus.

When I was a boy scout I learned the better way to be green and improve the current conditions. Years ago Marão (a nearby mountain) was devastated by fires and much of the flora burned. After that we would try to plant new trees every summer and Earth Day.

With those lesson I try to keep my impact as small as possible.

Thank you for having me,


Hey Afonso! Welcome! Great that you found us!
It’s super to see our community grow!