Holiday Spirit!

Hey together!
Just had a look around and noticed there was no talk here of solstice, Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa and the other festivals/holidays happening around this time. Seems so sad to not talk about it and share what we do. I hope that’s ok!

So my question is: Are you celebrating? Or doing something? Are you missing anything this year? I’m just so curious about how this is and how you experience this season and would love to find out more!

Love and light!

Well spotted @Chris! I’m not a big Christmas person but I like the idea of spending time together. So I usually go and visit my family and reunited with friends from school. But this year, I’ll stay home. We decided with some friends to meet over the holidays in small groups at a time. So it will be a new experience!

Hey @Chris! Thanks for the interesting topic!

For me, Christmas used to be all about going home to my parents in Germany for a few days. That time felt always a bit strange for me: on the one side, I felt that I didn’t really like going there - on the other side it was a very quiet time, and very relaxing. As my parents grew older, the experience became very focused on them and felt like a few days away from everything.
Both died, however, and so this year will be my first Christmas without either of them. I’m wondering how it will feel like!


Happy Solstice to everyone … if you are in the northern hemisphere: Summer is coming!

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So as I’m a late bloomer, what is everyone looking forward to this Christmas? I’m looking forward to having some normality this year. But will it happen, given that we, here in the UK, are going through a delivery crisis at the moment.

Maybe it is a chance to have a non-commercial holiday season… ?

Early days, but it would be lovely to think we could organise a gathering at the quinta for the holidays. I’d love to connect for a few days with you all there and bring some real community spirit to those days.

@JohnO is organising a meet up during this holiday period in Lisbon.
And yes, it is a great idea to have a gathering like that in the future!