Idea Pool - Online Activities creating community - and inspiring change!

Today’s question is about online activities that you have participated in - or can imagine - that you find that are good for creating community - and/or that create change (personal or societal).

Here are some examples of activities that I find work very well online - and that do either of the two “objectives”

  1. Bookclub - or indeed film club, cooking club etc… I think these activities work well online, and at the same time can be really good to get to know each other in a more personal way. I think the Quinta Queer Book Club on here, for example, is a brilliant example of it!

  2. (Group-)coaching I also find is something that works extremely well online. My experience with it is that it is less suited to create community, but it is very effective to create change and momentum for change.

  3. Parties! I love parties and they have been so much fun over the last year or so for me. I remember finding it quite strange at the beginning, but now it is something I look forward to. Granted, it’s not fast for getting to know people, though I feel I got to know quite a few people through seeing them at parties - and then maybe bumping into them in a different setting. I think I like the fun aspect of it … :wink:

So what about you? What events online do you find that are connecting you to other people? Or that help you to create change? I’m looking forward to lots of ideas!


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I am very late to this question but I just joined this community😊

I agree that group coaching can be a great community building activity. I run a group for women, and once a month we come together for a group session. They discover what connects them and we work together to strengthen that link and nurture it between the sessions.

I also discovered recently that the online events and networking meetups came create wonders if they respond to people’s challenge/ curiosity and are designed with some great tools. I was blown away recently by a networking meetup organized on glimpse (it’s a fun tool).

Happy to be part of this community:)

Love & respect,

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Hey @Raf … welcome to the Quinta Project!
Glimpse sounds like a very community focused tool from their website,… though I can’t really figure out how it is different? Could you share a bit more of your experiences with it?

Hello @GOA thank you for your welcome. Probably you are right, as this may not be the tool which is very different to others. ( I am not a wild networker so don’t use/ know many of these tools )
I loved how it was used in my recent experience where we were all invited into those 2min fast networking slots which options to use ice-breaker questions, silly photo booth, micro games and most of all, we had option to extend our time together beyond 2min. All in all, within 45min networking event, I met several people and it was much more interesting than some other networking events I attended.

I also recently took part in the coaching supervisor with the use of Wonder. Another interesting experience.

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Hey @Raf … welcome aboard :slight_smile: great to have you here! And thank you for bringing your expertise and sharing your experiences.

I’m a glimse virgin, though it sounds very intriguing. I really love the idea of “speed-networking” for groups, especially if you do not know each other very well. So this sounds like a great suggestion. We actually do something a bit like that before the Quinta Party, where we had like 5 minute tasks and small missions for groups of 3/4 participants. It wasn’t really designed to network, more to have fun in small groups - and break the ice before the dance party. I think everybody enjoyed those games, so I can see how great it would be to use even smaller groups (I guess glimpse is one to one?) and just make it 2 minutes per round. Mhhh… my mind is buzzing with opportunities to use that!
Thank you!!

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