More welcomes!

Another week… and it’s great to welcome more new members in our little community here this week!

A very warm welcome to

@Jordi (who already introduced themselves here!)

A big hug and it’s great that you are here. If you have a moment, it would be awesome if you could introduce yourselves!


Dear all,

let me introduce myself I am Luc actually Luc(as); Swedish Citizen living in Portugal and Berlin. I am looking forward to lavish discussions on the different topics of sustainability insurance does meet my personal interests very much. Luckily I was able to align my private and my professional interests in the sense that I own a company that uses AI to develop a more sustainable and resource minimizing way being.

Warm regards


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Sorry Word recognition got in the way it was not supposed to say insurance


as it does mean…

Hi Luc … a big welcome here! And great that you have joined us! :green_heart::green_heart:

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More growth! Welcome everyone!