Old shed clean-up

Hi everyone,
as I visited the Quinta for a few days last week (it is a gorgeous place btw, so happy to have seen and experienced it) it occurred to me that the shed behind the main house is full of old tools, parts, odd materials, also pesticides, old paint, and the like. I started cleaning up and seperating things that could still be used and those that have to be (professionally) disposed of.
In the center there are some furniture elements, garden tools i tried to put beside the entrance, and everything like paint or pesticides behind it. On the far end there are nice things like two gas stoves. But also a heap of old shoes, for example :smiley: .
Well maybe someone who is looking to visit wants to continue that work when they are there (an hours or two can already make a difference), all you need is working boots and gloves. It is an “easy” project to keep busy and it has to be done at some point anyway…and maybe not too late, as the roof is not in its best condition (be careful not to knock over the supports :wink:
I hope this does not come across as me giving out chores, I had just been looking for projects and this only came to my attention a day before I left.


That sounds like a really satisfying little job that I would gladly get on with.
I’m looking forward to getting out there one day soon - Maybe for the first of the Work Weeksi n April if not before.