Portugal Hiking Gays

Great news for Quintanians who find themselves around Lisbon this Saturday! The amazing Hiking Gays Group lead by @Alexp is having its first post-lockdown event on Saturday 28th. … More information in their Meetup Group!

** Edit: The event is on the 8th, next week :slight_smile: ! **


It would be great to see some new faces at this event as we re-start activity after the long months of Covid restrictions.
We are a relaxed, friendly social group, and events typically include a beer or two at the end of a hike (and we don’t hike too far - activity levels that most people can mange comfortably).
The group is a mix of overseas residents and Portuguese people, and includes a broad range of ages.
We have both male and female co-organisers, and we have people of different genders regularly come along to events.
You can see past events on the MeetUp site (https://www.meetup.com/Lisbon-HikingGays/), and if you’d like to join our next event it is a social picnic on Saturday 8th May 2021, in Monsanto Park, Lisbon: Deconfinement Social Picnic! - Monsanto Park, Lisbon. | Meetup
Hope to see you there. XX


This is very nice! I remember being part of a hiking community way back. It was such a nice way to meet people and interact in a social way. Nice to see it in Lisbon/Portugal!

Thanks Damian - Hope you can make it on Saturday; and if not this Saturday - another event soon. X

More hiking events around Lisbon, Portugal in July:

Please come join us.



And another hiking event around Lisbon, Portugal, at the end of July:



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The latest Portugal Hiking Gays event is now live on the MeetUp App:

Come along and join us at Santarem’s first ever Pride March.
Saturday, September 4, 2021
Santarem LGBTI+ Pride!

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I’m so late in replying… but wow! That was a lovely trail with some great views and fab company. @Lazuli and I enjoyed it very much… and Lady was so excited to even meet other dogs and even get an entire sandwich! See you again soon!

Grandola is a classic Alentejo town surrounded by cork forests (and famous for inspiring Zeca Afonso’s protest song ‘Grândola, Vila Morena’, which signalled the start of the 1974 revolution and still provides its anthem).
Come join us for a stroll under the cork oaks.

Late Summer-early Autumn day out by train and ferry to hike by the beach.
Troia is a beach peninsula across the river Sado from Setubal, famous for its white sandy beaches, river dolphins, luxury resorts and golf course and Roman remains.

Please come join us!

First event for a while (I was away in the UK for a stretch).

Come join us for an Autumnal hike in the woods of Sintra, ending with hot food and cold beers in Colares:


The latest hike is posted here:

This event was booked-up in less than an hour and is probably full now, but we do plan to post more - and more varied - hikes in the future, so please do join Portugal Hiking Gays on Meetup and we hope to see you on a future event. X