Queer Ecology - Do we need more Queer* Environmental Activism?

A question for everyone… do we need more queer* environmental activism? There are already a few LGBTQ+/queer organisations, like @Out4S, mostly in the US, or the UK-based queer branch of Extinction Rebellion XR Rainbow Rebellion. There are initiatives like #greenerPride etc… but how “mainstream” is ecological activism of all forms within the queer community? How do you experience it? Is ecology, nature or the broader sustainability something that is “on the radar”? Should it be? How?

Let’s share some ideas!

I always say: As queer people we have one trait that sets us apart from others: we are a minority and have come out. That experience in turn is very valuable. And I think we can contribute this perspective, which is not unique (other minorities!), but each journey is unique.

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Well, yes… we do! That’s why we have the Qionta Project.
But joke aside: yes, I think there is a place for more queer voices to be heard in the environmental movement.