Queer Ecology ... what does that mean to you?

It’s Monday morning, and I’m so excited to host the Topic of the Week this week! It’s a topic very close to my heart (of course!), and so I’m excited to hear what you think about the topic, and what does it mean to you?

For me, queer ecology is something hard to grasp, but easy to recognise. With many aspects that intersect within the topic. For instance, connection to nature and experiences of the diversity and uniqueness of nature - with, at the same time valuing the unique journeys we make. Equally, it is about bringing very special experiences to the table, especially as queer* folk. It also has a lot to do with oppression and normativity, and how we respond to this - while at the same time creating a sustainable path.

Sustainability itself then becomes a really important topic: for me not only as it relates to “professional” life, but also applying sustainability to every other aspect of life. Together with honouring queer ideas and ecological impact, this becomes an interesting mix in my mind… where purposeful actions are a new normal, and there is a constant reimagination of pathways. For example, how can we bring sustainability into our relationships? Into our community? To people who do not think about it?

I hope this week can help us all visualise what we mean by queer ecology (after all we are here!), and bring together our diverse thinking and appreciate the many ways that people come to be part of our community, how queer ecology is practice - and how inspirational purposeful living can be!

I’m looking forward to your thoughts!

Hi Stephan

Interesting question to start of the week. I googled it some time ago, and came up with: The term queer ecology refers to a series of practices that reimagine nature, biology, and sexuality in the light of queer theory. Queer ecology disrupts heterosexist notions of nature, drawing from a diverse array of disciplines, including science studies, ecofeminism, environmental justice, and queer geography.

Honestly, I was a bit dazzled by the definition. To me it sounds highly academic rather than a positive take of bringing ecology and queer together. Maybe that is my quite practical definition of it: what happens when queer meets eco.

For me it is something flexible. I always see it as we are on our own journey in this space. Sometimes we are more on the queer side. Sometimes more on the sustainable side. And we need to be, as this moves all of the space forward.

Existential question for us?

Hello again everyone!

This is very exciting to see how we all approach the topic differently! I love the pragmatic approach that @Borgen put forward, and I love how @Chris sees this community and topic being approachable from different directions.
I wonder @Georg in how far it is an existential question? What do you think?
It would be lovely as always to hear more perspectives, so if you are reading this, and would like to chime in, please do so!


A friend who didn’t feel ready to post themselves sent me this video as a definition of lived queer ecology. I watched … and wow. I so think it’s spot on what they say!


I think of it as intersection, though not strictly intersectionality. It’s about bringing special experiences to the sustainability movement. And vice versa, bringing a special viewpoint to the lgbt culture. A bit like a messenger between worlds, which enriches the conversation.

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Its something you do. It’s definitely not something to waste a lot of words on. If you do stewardship, interconnection, and authentic care, and you happen to be queer, people who see it will get it.