"Queer Gardening" Documentary

Hi folks,

I just came across the trailer of this documentary about queer-feminist ecologies in North America, particularly focusing on farming practices.


Description from the website:
"Queerness was and sometimes still is considered “un-natural.” Queer gardening challenges this “un-naturalness” by creating queer-feminist ecologies.

Our documentary examines what horticultures look like when binaries such as nature/culture, human/more-than-human and body/environment are deconstructed in creative ways.

Ella von der Haide collected 18 interviews with LGBTQIA*-gardeners about their relationships with plants and the land. These conversations take place in a variety of gardens, from urban vegetable production in Oakland to a community space garden in NYC, from a project to care for indigenous native apple trees in British Columbia to a reforestation project in Tennessee."

Maybe a community license can be purchased if others are interested in watching and discussing this documentary?