Queer & Sustainable Mastermind group

Hello everyone!

I wondered if establishing a Quinta Project Mastermind group is something you are interested in. As a quick explanation: A Mastermind group is a cross between accountability group and a peer-to-peer mentoring group. The group meets at regular intervals and has a fairly structured procedure: first, there is an accountability and/or “quick/major win” round, followed by a topic brainstorming or “hot seat” session - and finally, a round where each member commits to goals for the time until the next group meeting.

Ideally, the group would be between 8 and 10 members, who support each other with their projects. It would need some level of commitment to take part, as the idea is to go on a journey together, rather than drop in and see. Of course, as a Quinta Project event, it would be free to access.

I think it is a brilliant tool and could be quite a great circle for queer changemakers like us. I wonder if anyone here is interested in joining/setting up? Let me know - and hopefully, we can make it happen.

Let me know what you think!

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I like the sound of it. So far I never participated in one, as I never quite understood if the topic is only business? Or could it be other projects?
If we could make it an open group where everyone can contribute their own journey, I think it sounds nice!

What kind of topics would we do? Is it like an individual thing? Or a hotseat thing?

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Hi @Georg - it is a good question. You can take it, either way, the group can decide. So, the structure could be a session where much of the time is spent creating a hotseat scenario with one of the participants (and has a very personal focus on the person in the hotseat). Or you can spend the main time as a group discussing a specific topic (creating new products for example).
Thinking about it, maybe combining both would be a good approach. That way, every participant gets to have the very personal benefits of the hotseat every few weeks. And other sessions could be spent with more general topics and collaborative exchange/ideas…

What do the others think?

Sounds like a good idea. Will it be totally free? Like just join?

I would think so… I can’t see an argument to charge.

The only thing I see is that we would ideally need some form of commitment from the participants, i.e. I think it works best if everyone develops trust and has a commitment to work with the group. Any ideas how to do that are welcome!

Yes, that makes sense. So maybe sign a commitment?

I like it a lot as an idea, but would love to know more what it involves. Can you explain @Stephan