Sexy food? Sexy eating?

Good morning everyone!

Weekend is just around the corner or has allready startetd. And therefore time for some food porn and inspirations for the kitchen. So, surprise surprise: Todays topic is food and sexuality. And I am sure that most of us who are interested in a queer eco vision are also concerned about our food and the origin of our food. And I am also sure that there are some excellent vegan and vegetarian cooks in the Quinta Community - and there are allready some good hints for vegan recipes here thanks to the topic of the weeks @Borgen provided. Thank you for that! But are they sensual and sexy? :wink:


  • What kind of food you consider to be sexy?

  • What could a kinky plant based dinner be like?

  • What is your favourite natural aphrodisiac?

Today I have no teaser but obviously I am more than just curious to get some inspiration! Yummi!
Hugs, Jordi


Oh yes… yes… yes. Food is so sexy! In a way, I actually find most food somehow sexy, as it is the mix of food, social connection over food and anticipation that I connect with.
I’m really trying to think about which specific food, but find it incredibly hard. Though I do remember many eating occasions that were incredibly sexy.

And one thing comes to mind (though again it is not about a specific food), which is an occasion where, while blindfolded, tasting different food became part of sex, along with other sensations like feathers, ice etc… That was incredibly sexy and exciting (and I have a big smile thinking about it!).

Now I’m curious about others perception and if there is some food that is sexy for many people (post recipes?!)



Dearest Jordi,
Thank you very much for this week full of important and interesting topics and questions that made me think (about myself) on all days.
About sexy food: Speaking for myself, I don’t know if food can be sexy on its own. But when I think of the combination of factors: who am I eating with, and did we cook it together ourselves from wonderful ingredients. Or have I thought up/chosen something great/new to cook for a meal with my partner and am looking forward to the surprise? Or do we discover a new, exciting vegetarian/vegan restaurant together? Do we then have time to focus entirely on us and food enjoyment…Yes, that is being very sexy for me!

I’m already looking forward to you hosting another theme week very soon!?!!



Hi Jordi,

I find certain foods like chillies and chocolate and some spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg all to be natural aphrodisiacs for me. Sharing meals, without a TV or thumping music in the background, or phones, just candle light and really being present with the person(s) you are sharing the meal with can be quite sexy. Eating food like Indian or Ethiopian with my hands, or sitting on the floor Japanese style, I also find more intimate than eating at a table, sitting in chairs, with knives and forks.

I really like Stephan’s example of tasting food blindfolded… that is one I think could be very arousing!



I totally love the picture that came to my mind when reading your reply: eating food with hands, on the floor and in a dimly lit room. That sounds very erotic! Thank you for sharing that @Kevin

I love the idea to use foods in sex. I think it is very sensual when you use different flavors.

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Hi everyone,

I love all your inspiring answers. In fact, enjoing an excellent meal togehter can be very sensual and sexy as @Lazuli entioned.I even love people watching while they are eating with pleasure.
And somehow I conside a person who appreciates the different shades of flavors, spices and well choosen ingredients to be a playful and delighted in a sensual way. By the way @Woodsy: any favorite flavors? …I recently discoverd how much I enjoy cardamon and tonka, which are very intense… Thank you @Kevin for bringing attention also to the framing of eating…like with fingers, on the floor…

Yummi! Thank you so much!