Thank you for joining!

Sorry for not having welcomed all the new members who have joined in the last month or so! I’m a little late, but the welcome is deeply felt:

Welcome and Bem-vind@:

Thank you for bringing your light and energy! If you feel like it, please let us know a bit more about yourself.
I’ve already met/talked to some of you, and I’m so grateful that you are joining us! Please remember to reach out if you have any questions and see you soon!


Hello all,

happy to join the community :slight_smile:
I’m Daniel from the rhineland region in western Germany, am 36 years old and work as a mechanical engineer (how stereotypical of me) in Düsseldorf. I have been interested in the quinta idea for quite some time, so I was happy to stumble across Stephan and your Project.
I enjoy things like rock climbing and slacklining, hiking, gardening, cooking, music…and have a little experience in construction, but a fazenda like this would be new to me too. Oh and falo portugues, aprendi anos atras no Brasil…
It seems there are quite a few cool people involved in this :slight_smile:
I will try to introduce myself “in person” in one of the next open meetings, and might be able to go to Portugal at the end of the year.

Ciao and hope to see you soon!


Lovely to see so many new “faces”!

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Great to see so many new people! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself @blue_liquid

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Hey everyone :slight_smile: I found the Quinta project last week when I was typing in the words “queer farming project Portugal” during a mini-crisis… I was instantly amazed by the project and joined for the Open Meeting today. I am really excited also by this community forum and would like to introduce myself to you.

I study Social and Cultural Anthropology and Psychology and am very much interested in participatory/community research, environmental justice, decolonial theory, indigenous studies, queer theory, intersectionality, community empowerment and critical psychology. Also, I am passionate about dance, especially about creative dance, vogue and contact improvisation and all kinds of embodied mindfulness practices. (Btw, the most memorable dance moments I had, were on the Andanças dance festival 3 years ago, which took place in Castelo de Vide, which I think isn’t too far from the Quinta land project)

I am currently living in Vienna, after having studied in Munich for the last three years. I also feel a strong connection to Latin America and especially Peru, where my mother comes from and where I could also get in touch with beautiful ways of ecological inter-relatedness, that I hadn’t experienced growing up in Germany, and which perhaps sparked my longing for being active land-based ecological projects.

In this moment I am feeling a strong excitement about the Quinta project, and somehow a deep felt inspiration to life. While I was dreaming about a project like Quinta, I didn’t imagine it was already in the process of being co-created. I look forward to becoming part of this community and to getting in touch with you. <3

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My name is Sim, I’m 27 years old and I make comics and watch movies on my spare time.

I’m considering joining a self-sufficient farm at some point of my life (extra points if it’s a queer one). Therefore I’m very interested in understanding how Quinta works and if I could fit there. Can anyone answer those questions?

Thank you,

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Hey Sim, that sounds really great. I am new too to the quinta community, but I really recommend you to come to one of the open meetings. The next one should be on Monday 20th of January Open Meeting – Quinta Project – the queer "hybrid" ecovillage


Hi @sebi.mistura and @Sim … yes! It would be amazing to see you at the open meeting. There you’ll get lot’s of information how the project works- and meet some of the people involved :slight_smile: Welcome!

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Hello to everybody. I’m Dante from Italy. I was looking for a queer eco-village and I’ve just found this page about your fantastic project. Politically I’m a radical socialist.
I am an environmental engineer, currently living in Rome.
I’m interested to know people of the LGTBQI community that share with me some interests and I dream a day to live with some them in a free context.


Thanks! I’m planning to :sun_with_face:

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Thank you for welcoming me.
I look forward to connecting and sharing with the Quinta Community,

J :kissing_cat:

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Hey seb -
I just noticed you said you’re into Vogue: maybe you’d be interested in the whole Vogueing / Ball scene in Lisbon:


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Hey Alex, thanks for sharing! This looks great!

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Hey Guys and Grrrlz

I have been watching the troops trickle in on this project for two years, but have not really joined the discussion. Seems like its happening for real, which is super exciting! Some days I think the world is getting more crazy by the minute and we all need a nice place to run away to and make our own rules.

I‘m a South African from the Nelson Mandela dreamtime era, living in a virtual reality film set called Munich, Germany, getting in touch with my roots. (I swear its natural blond, really!) None of my neighbours here know my name and they think that’s okay. Being this transnational intercontinental bastard, I am also a language brainbox.

Falo um bocadinho do Português because my mom retired to an artist residency project near Coimbra that we are still getting off the ground, and I met my twin flame there in a eucalyptus forest, and well, its complicated being in a long distance thing with a wild animal but he still sends me pictures of flowers.

I am an artist and academic researcher with two MA degrees, also a life coach, lately getting an erotic art shop off the ground. I‘m spiritual a f, and I need to get myself lost in wilderness sometime very soon. I’m committed to the joys of vegan cooking and urban foraging. Right now I am living off wild herbs from the local park. I am deeply into ecstatic dance, grateful when its not with headphones during lockdowns.

Looking forward to meeting some radical faeries, ecosexuals, and other tantric warriors and whatever else is out there passing for normal…

Love you all,



Hey y’all :rainbow_flag: :seedling:,

My name is Wouter and I am, as I identify on dating apps, a queer boy from the Dutch woods (although I have had the privilege to frolic around in the Swedish ones for a while as well).

I have engaged with queer ecology when I was working in academia, particularly in the fields of Environmental Communication, Political Ecology and Environmental Justice. I have studied topics such as rights of nature, gender roles in sustainable development, decoloniality and participatory co-creation in environmental governance.

Right now, I am interested in practically bringing together these interests in ecology/environmentalism and the LGBTQI+ community. So when I stumbled upon this project I got very excited! Therefore, I hope to be able to contribute to the land, have meaningful and fun discussions with fellow members and just have some good old fun, either online or during one of the work weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

Wouter (he/they)

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