The Artist's Way Creative Cluster

A 12-week journey to discover, uncover, recover and fully unleash your creativity, passion and joy in this peer-supported group based on the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

We follow the full 12 weeks of the course – as set out in the book.

The first week starts on the 25. April where we prepare and have a chance to get to know each other. After this, we will proceed with one chapter/set of exercises each week.

For more information and to register for the events, please have a look here:

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Oh! This is very interesting! A friend did a course or group not sure of this, and he loved it. What format will this be?

Sounds interesting… how much time will it take? Can you give some more details?

Hi together :slight_smile:

The course does need some time for you to work through the daily/weekly tasks. The estimate I have heard is around 1 hour a day. Plus, on one day a week, you take yourself out on an Artists Date. That would be extra time, depending on what your date is.

There is a lot more information about the course and a nice breakdown of the syllabus on the author’s webpage: The Artist’s Way | Julia Cameron Live

That link is actually the website for an online version of the course. Of course, you don’t need to purchase the course to take part in the peer-group cluster at TQP. However, you do need to purchase the book to take part.

So during the 12 weeks, you use the book on your own during the week. The Creative Cluster is then a peer group every week that helps you on your journey - and a place to share your progress and challenges with other people on the same journey. It’s informal and intended to support your individual progress through the journey of rediscovering your artistic self.

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Nice! Do you have any idea how many people will take part? Is there a limit? - and by when do we have to sign up? Can we just jump in and off?

Hey Georg … at the moment we have 5 people signed up (and possibly two more). There isn’t a strict limit, but I guess around 10/12 it becomes a bit too crowded.

And yes,… you can theoretically join at any stage although the experience will probably be best when you join the journey from the beginning and do it with everyone together :slight_smile:

After we had our first meeting on Sunday, I wanted to briefly write how it went.
We are 18 people taking the course at the moment. The first session was moderated by Simon, who had previously done the full course in a peer group setting. We started the evening by introducing ourselves and briefly expanding on our expectations and indeed experiences with the Artist’s Way. Then we spend most of the remaining time talking about the “spirituality” concept that is part of the series. I found this extremely helpful and it clarified many questions and doubts for me.

During this week, we are all working on the first week’s tasks in the book. The idea is to then come together as a group and discuss in smaller groups how we are progressing and what we have learned during the week.

As for myself, and not giving much away and realising it is only Wednesday, I think my Morning Pages have shifted quite a bit from what they were before - and I’m struggling to set up an artist date with me (or for me?). And I’m loving the course so far!


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