Welcome New Members

A big hello and welcome to those members who have joined in the last few days!


It’s great that you have found The Quinta Project!

I know some of you have already posted and said hello, but it would be awesome if you could just say a little bit about yourselves here to introduce yourselves to everyone. And if you have any ideas, suggestions or want to something, please get in touch with me, post in the forum and let us know!

Love to have you here!

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Hello everybody!

I’m João, born and raised in the Lisbon area, presently living near Sintra. I studied Management, but in the last 15+ years I worked mainly as a math tutor (to high school students, at home), and my present focus is on teaching portuguese language online.
I guess I always liked eco themes and the idea of saving the Earth from human impact, and I always had a “green hand” and loved being in nature.
I’m loving the Quinta idea and I hope I can contribute to the project in any way I can.


Welcome! Nice to see you!

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I’m sorry I did not write until now. I’m Teresa and live in France at the moment. I identify as a queer female and want to live more sustainable. I hope we can build a queer and inclusive community and I love the idea of this!

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Hi Teresa! A big welcome to you, and It’s lovely that you are joining us!!

Hi guys my name is Joao and I am living in Ericeira at the moment. I super happy to join this community and I am eager to learn from you all and share my knowledge. I have a career in Banking&Finance and recently decided to create my own business. I have a post graduation in Positive Psychology which is part of my project “how to be a better human”. I am an enthusiast of everything related with the LGBTQ+ community and Nature. I am a dog lover with a strong passion for books and good food. Joao

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Hi @Jvinagre ! Great that you are joining us! Welcome to the Quinta

Hello to all of you!

I’m guillaume/Fukuro, french queer man based in Berlin for the last 10 years and ready to move on :smiley: . I’ve worked with children for several years and have been learning and doing bodywork in Berlin for the +5 years. Now being trained in trauma-sensitive bodywork and psychotherapeutic approach.
I work as a facilitator for a psychedelic retreat company and help people prepare and integrate their journeys.

I have a deep interest for end-of-life processes and caregiving and currently volunteer at a Buddhist hospice in Berlin. One of my dreams is to create a space for queer/lgbt folks to feel comfortable and cared for in their last earthly moments.

I love birds, supporting and letting plants & people grow :). I’m interested in learning about construction, permaculture, bee “stewardship” and much more. I’m in for learning from you all and sharing a heartfelt connection and space.

I would like to live long-term in such project and to help the mycelium-like of such spiritual communities to grow all over <3

Hello to everyone!
I am Giorgio, 36 Artist (comics and theater, you can see my stuff at closurecomics.com), expat from Italy, actually in Algarve!
I am searching for a community to stay and contribute to grow and evolve in exchange of time to cultivate my art. I am doing workaway so I am used to travel and to move bringing all my life in two backpack :slight_smile:

I’ve a background as a neurobiologist and psicomotricist but I like phisical outdoor work, because nature is and it always be my Teacher.
I can cook (I’ve worked in restaurants and I am Italian, so I don’t blood but sauce) I can help gardening, farming, building and I am learning new skills in electricity and so on.

My dream is to build a Yurta (I’ve done one already with recovered bamboo) and stay in contact with nature. I hope that quinta lgbt will be my project!

Thank you all,

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