What are you doing to keep positive?

Hey everyone…

it just occurred to me that we haven’t talked about what you are doing/we can do to keep positive and motivated during these times!?

For me, I think the second lockdown here in Germany is really tough, especially as I’d like to go to Portugal to start the landproject and all that (which is really tricky at the moment). So staying motivated is a challenge. Of course I have Covid in the back of my mind there, but I’m also wondering about it in general?

Can you share your secret motivator(s)?


Tough question, but worth to think about it. Thank you for starting this talk. Actually one tool I have personally re-discovered is to give more space to creativity. For instance: I re-discovered how much I love poetry as well as writing a diary or to experiment with small video projetcts.Some treasures are also to be discovered in stillness and disconnection from daily news…

But anyway I am absolutly curious to know some more secret motivators … :slight_smile:

Hugs Jan

Yes, good question. And good to share about it. I’m also feeling worn at the moment. Not sure why it is beginning to really drag me down, but I feel how the lack of prospect and the talk about returning to “normal” just creates a negative mindset for me.

I also notice that my usual keep positive activities are slowly loosing their effect. The only activity I still do is go out into nature and sit there with some regularity.

I like the idea of purposefully creating an activity, maybe a creative one like Jan says. I think I take that as an experiment from this message and try to reflect on what that could be.

Thanks for opening up this space. And thank you for sharing!

Thank you for this space! It’s just crazy for me at this time. Here some communities open, others are closed again, neighbour countries are on/off open. Its all very complex to navigate and I suffer from this as I feel like being in a straitjacket, especially if you don’t fit the norm family or worker. Suddenly I’m outside the system.

I feel I can grumble on for quite some time how frustrating and feeling locked up this has become for me. I try small acts of happiness and finding them. But it’s a challenge. The good is that the weatehr is becoming better and I react to sun very well.

Sorry, this feels like a very negtive post. It’s helpful though to let it out a bit.

Is there an opportunity for a thread to post a happyiness moment?

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I echo what others have said. With some added sadness, as we see how developed nations are riding out the perfect storm of climate change and Covid. It is good to remember that those hardest hit by climate change are also those that are hardest hit now with the pandemic. It breaks my heart.

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Some ideas: From keep fit to sex: how Guardian readers have boosted their mood during the pandemic | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian.