Which great examples communities are you a member of (and what's so special about them)?

We are probably all members of several communities. I wonder if we can share what makes the good communities special for us.

For example, for me, when I think about the communities I’m a member of, some stick out as being really communities I engage with, am Involved in or sometimes just visit regularly etc… So for me, I would list them like this:

A professional community: As it was originally set up online, it uses online tools in a lot of interesting ways and creates inspiration for what can be done online. The members are also very conscious of creating a community that is egalitarian and based on consensus and participation.
From this community, I take a lot of inspiration about how online communities can be more than just forums/groups - and also about structure and the effects of consciously unleashing “grassroots” power and encourage people to contribute.

A forum for foreigners overseas, which I really value as a source of lots of practical information. I don’t think there is anything that the people there can’t answer - so it is my go-to source for information, but also I visit regularly to read what is happening. Compared to the above though, I’m quite passive there. I contribute once in a while, but rather sporadically.

A community that moved online because of the pandemic. It’s an interesting experience because we actually create online events together. It’s also interesting for me how we are establishing relationships with each other, not at least because we are seeing each other very often and interact a lot to organise the events.

Finally, the last one that comes to my mind is a community I was part of in the UK, which organised events. It was a gay organisation, though it was very different from a dating organisation/website. Rather, much was focused on the events and the website seemed to be a way to connect between the events.

Now… let’s see what example(s) you have of great online communities!

Hmmm, first I thought that I am not member in a lot of working online communities…but then, step by step I became aware that there are a few. And they are very different from each other.

For instance I am in an online community for professionals in sex education. There are no personal realitionships in between the members, but it is working very quick.If I have a short question or need some advice I get an answer within hours.
I am also member in another community for sex education, but since the pandemic it didn`f find a propoer way of working or even supporting one another. It seems that this community depended very much on offline meetings, informal exchange, …

Another community is a more fluid one. We know each other, we refer to each other, we have very diffenrent roles and there is no formal umbrella above this community…

These days I am participing in an online event organised by village berlin which seems to me to be a very well working community: the atmosphere was very warm and supportive and people seem to know each other. So I felt very welcome right from the start…

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Great question! I’m part of one community I really like. It’s a fitness challenge community. What you do is that you post your challenge (usually for five weeks or so). Everyone else also shares their challenges. Community members then give feedback on the challenges and support you, while the person with the original challenge updates on their progress a few times.
I really love the supportive tone of the community and the way it gently nudges you towards accountability. It’s ,mostly nutrition and fitness stuff people talk about there, but I think you could change it to a more general challane.

Maybe that would be an idea for a Quinta forum project?

Organising something like the Village Event online - and making it feel “together” is a real art form, I think. It would be great if one day we can have a Quinta event like that … wow!

The Challenge Community sounds like another really interesting idea. It resonates somehow with the idea of an accountability club which I remember from a while back. @Darmian , would this be something to talk more about? Maybe something you’d like to host?

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I’ll think about. Let’s have a chat!

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