You and ecosexuality? A new affair with lover earth?

Hi everyone,

Todays question refers more to the link between sexuality and ecology: we are questioning ecosexuality as a new joyfull approach of current thinking about global ecological crises. Actually ecoqeer perspectives are absolutly close to the idea of the quinta and mentioned allready somewhere here, but tbh the idea of ecosexual activism is rather new to me, but very fascinating. So I am rellay excited about todays question :wink:

And my questions are very basic:

  • Which examples of ecosexual activism do you know?
  • Or can you think of any form of ecosexual activism that works for you?
  • Can you think of some sort of ecosexual activism you could imagine to participate?
  • What impacts or aspects of ecosexuality you would like to question or discuss?What does it mean to you?

If you never heard of ecosexuality – like me a few month ago – here you can start to get an idea what it could be like:


Actually the first thing that comes to my mind is a film by Antiono da Silva called Ecosexual (NSFW link!!
It has some notion of “making love to earth”, though I think it underplays the philosophy of ecosexualism.

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Wow…great footage!!

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I love the idea of being ecosexual. In fact, I find find the thought of extending love, intimacy and sex to nature very intriguing

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This also came up in @Stephan 's Queering the Climate Conversation event if I remember correctly. It was quite an interesting discussion and something that many were not familiar with (right?)

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Hi Damian … yes, thanks for remembering that.

If it is of general interest, maybe I can do the talk again sometime as a Quinta Event. For those who haven’t been, it was basically a talk around the history of queer “Back to the land” movements and the role of “Nature” in the queer space.
The key message was the emergence of the “Lover” Earth - rather than “Mother” Earth, which resonated with many people.

Unfortunately not really a highly interactive workshop, but maybe I could think of making it a bit more fun and offer it as a TQP Event.

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I think that sounds very interesting. And tbh I have no idea about that interesting historical roots of that specific queer movement. So I really would be into that talk :slight_smile:

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